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Duration: 1 Day
Location: Blue Eye, Sarande, Albania
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The natural beauty of Albania is underlined by a visit to one of its loveliest and most evocative natural wonders, The Blue Eye Spring. Leaving Saranda we go first to the hilltop castle of Lekuresi for stunning views of Saranda, the Corfu Straits and Corfu itself. You will see the Vurgu plain and Lake Butrint in the distance. From here we travel along the Bistrica River, through hills and mountains to the river’s source. 

The spring is a beautiful blue pool 1500 feet deep where water bubbles from under the mountain. Your guide will tell you the traditional legend of the spring, supposed to be the eye of a dying dragon, the bubbles coming from its last breaths. Here you can relax in the cool of the plane trees with the sound of rushing mountain springs. 

Afterwards we travel onwards to the 13th century church at Mesopotam. This wonderful Byzantine building, reconstructed after earthquakes in the 17th and 18th centuries, can be seen from outside where its elaborate brickwork is decorated with bas reliefs of fabulous and mythological creatures.

Tour of the Blue Eye Spring.

Images from the tour