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Duration: 1 Day
Location: Kruje
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Albanian life, past and present is fully on display in mountainous Kruja, where you can visit several museums, a bustling bazaar and a beautifully preserved local house. Leaving the pier we take a one hour drive to Kruja. As you approach the town the terrain becomes hilly and craggy, the limestone outcrops clothed in pines and oaks nourished by abundant mountain springs. Here in the mid-15th century the charismatic George Kastrioti Skanderbeg led the Albanian princes to victory over the invading Ottoman Turks.

A heroic figure he beat off the might of the Ottomans for 25 years, when all the other Balkan powers had fallen before them. He remains Albania’s national hero and you will be able to follow his story  by touring the Skanderbeg Museum with exhibits, models, reconstructions and paintings depicting the epic of the man and his times. Next the Ethnographic Museum. A well preserved house of the 18th century once owned by a local aristocrat adorned with frescoes and displaying an abundance of traditional rugs, clothes and everyday objects. And the bazaar. Kruja’s traditional bazaar is a cobbled street lined with shops selling, antiques, souvenirs, rugs and carpets, old and new, icons and ornamental filigree.

Time permitting there will be time to browse. For a deeper look into the local lifestyle you will be warmly welcomed into one of the nearby homes for a beverage. Afterwards re-join your coach and return to the pier in Durres.

Tour of Kruja.

Images from the tour